Wondering how caffeine and calm, poured into the same coffee cup can help you mindfully
meditate? This blog offers a bit of Zen philosophy and shows how you can bring your inner nature
into all your everyday experiences--to mindfully meditate through the ups and downs of life.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

More Zen, More Coffee

Zen is more than a way to meditate; it's a way of life, a way of kindness and compassion.

Coffee is more than a drink; it's a way to mindfully meditate, a way to tune into your inner essence.

Have a Zen Coffee day!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Breathe in the Zen

Take a moment to breathe in the Zen.

Enjoy a hot cup of java while you mindfully meditate on the steam rising from your coffee, just like the ethereal essence of your inner self arising within you.

Breathe in the Zen. Breathe in the essence of your inner self.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jazzed out of Zen

How often do we forget to be present? How many times have we jazzed our minds out of Zen... not being able to see the coffee for the beans? We do lots of things other than being present and centering our attention on the present moment because we have too many thoughts running here and there, way too many things to do, and we scatter our focus in all directions, throwing our energy into the wind.

Hey, it happens to all of us. We don't forget to be present; we're just
not aware that we're in the present moment. We forget to be mindful
of it. So just be here, breathing and being present, mindfully enjoying
a cup of Zen Coffee.

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Cup of Zen

The first cup of coffee in the morning is a beautiful, enjoyable thing. You're not quite awake and your mind is open and receptive to the thoughts you drink in. As you enjoy your Zen Coffee first thing in the morning, allow the coffee to fill you with a wonderful feeling of calm and peacefulness to set the tone for your day.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Zen Coffee... Review

Since my last several posts have been about reviewing Zen books, I thought I'd share a review, written by Cassie Bendel of Espresso Machine News about my own book, Zen Coffee: A Guide to Mindful Meditation.

Author Gloria Chadwick has released a book that seems like an oxymoron: Zen Coffee. But her aim is to teach you how your favorite drink can help calm you down.

Many people approach coffee drinking as a means to an end. They're tired and they need to get the caffeine in the coffee into their system as quickly as possible so that they can wake up, or at least feel like it, and rush on to the next part of the day. This, in my opinion, is why God and the good people at Red Bull invented energy drinks.

While I can't claim that I don't benefit from coffee's energizing purposes, it's always been something different for me. It's meant a chance to slow down. A chance to stop and notice what's around me. So imagine my delighted surprise when I came across the book, Zen Coffee: A Guide
to Mindful Meditation by Gloria Chadwick.

Chadwick's approach to coffee leans more towards seeing the world's #1 beverage as a way to bring a sense of mindfulness and peace to your life rather than something to chug down on your way out the door. However, on her blog, she explains that the book is also for busy people who need the chance to slow down and literally drink in all that life (and coffee) has to offer.

While I haven't read Chadwick's book, her ideas seem quite appealing. According to her, the book can show the average coffee drinker how to utilize their favorite drink and translate those experiences into lowering stress. Chadwick claims you needn't become a Zen expert to experience the calming effects the practice can have on your mind and spirit.

We can all use a little more mindfulness in our daily lives, whether it means committing to a few moments in meditation or simply just taking a second away from the noise of appointments and technology to really stop and see ourselves more clearly. Though I've already found my own approach to coffee as a reason to embrace these moments, I hope to pick up a copy of Chadwick's book and see what a fellow coffee lover thinks about it too.

The book is $9.95 and is available on Amazon.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Your Mind is Magical... You Are Magical

Last week, I posed a coffee question asking how you meditate, so I thought I'd share some of the ways I meditate. There are no rules to meditation; whether you meditate zazen, sipping your coffee, or just becoming calm and quiet, you always arrive at the same benefits--a peaceful place in your mind.

I often meditate by inner journeying, by creative visualization, by embracing my Zen coffee and the calm it brings to me, and by opening up the magical power of my mind to explore my true spiritual nature.

I have another blog--Magical Mind--and I'd like to invite you to explore more ways to meditate, to explore your inner, magical self.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Coffee Question

How do you meditate?

Holding a steaming mug of coffee while breathing in the ethereal essence and aroma of the coffee?

Sitting quietly, clearing your mind of all thoughts?

Creatively visualizing on a pleasant image?

Actively journeying within your mind and traveling through the thoughts and images that arise?

There are so many ways to meditate. How do you like to meditate?